About EGFC

Elk Grove Film Club is a student organization at Elk Grove High School that fosters media literacy through the study and production of video and film. Film screenings, school event filming and editing, short film creation and the hosting of an annual film festival are among the activities undertaken by EGFC.

The purpose of EGFC is to

Give instruction and workshops on the creation of films and the use of technology
Film and edit special school events and upload them to the school YouTube channel
Meet with representatives of the industry
Identify and support the use of digital technology in other creative avenues
Dialogue with universities and technical schools in regard to media and film careers
Provide free monthly screenings of classic films which would be open to the public and will     include a brief introduction to the film presented by students and/or other experts
Host an annual student film festival in the Spring that brings together student filmmakers, industry professional and exhibit student work in digital design and photography

EGFC meets every Thursday in room 252.

Sponsor: Bruce Janu