Saturday, March 28, 2020

The EGHS 3 Minute Film Challenge!

Put your social distancing skills to work and submit a 3-minute film to the first-ever EGHS 3:00 FILM CHALLENGE! It is really quite easy: 1) Make a film 2) Submit a Film 3) Win some cash!

Click here for an informational packet.

Here are the rules for the EGHS 3 Minute Film Challenge:

1) You must be an EG student to enter. EG staff have the option of entering a film as well, but will not be eligible for the prizes. Staff entries may be judged by EG Film Club students.
2) The film must demonstrate Social Distancing Standards. In other words, films with large groups of people outside or groups of people not immediate family during the shelter in place order will be disqualified. We do not want to encourage people to break Social Distancing Guidelines. Selected films will demonstrate what creative things can be done while social distancing.
3) The film must be under 3 minutes, including credits. Any film longer than 3 minutes will be disqualified. (If you think a good film cannot be made that short, watch Lights Out.)
4) The film can be any genre. In other words, you can make a drama, a comedy, a horror film or a documentary. Anything. Keep in mind, that this is sponsored by school so therefore certain standards must be maintained. Films cannot contain vulgar language, sexual situations, graphic violence or drug and/or alcohol use. Think of this as a PG-movie. Anything not appropriate in the film will result in disqualification.
5) No copyrighted material. You cannot use music that was not created by you. This is the hardest part because we all want to use our favorite music. But you can't. Any copyrighted music in the film will result in disqualification. However, you can use music. It needs to be royalty-free and can be found in many places. See this list of sites that offer royalty-free music. The Free Music Archive is one of the largest. If you use royalty-free music, make sure to credit the musician in your credits.
6) All entries are due by Wednesday April 8, at 11:59pm. We will stream all of the films on Tuesday April 14 and announce the winners then! 

The top three films will win some prizes! Stay tuned!

Click here to submit your film. You need to be logged into your student email to submit your film. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So, I can't make a film with my friends?

Yes and no. Social distancing requires us to stay home. That is the whole point. But, you can creatively make this with your friends. They can film parts in their homes and you can film parts at your home. Send the footage to someone to edit. Times like these require creativity. Make a film with your parents or siblings. Have fun with it.

What are some examples of films I can make?

Well, virtually any kind of film is permitted, as long as it is appropriate for school. You can make a documentary about what it is like to quarantined. If you like horror movies, make one.  Like animation? Make an animated film. Comedy is always good. If you can write and perform music, then make a musical. The possibilities are endless!

What can we use to make the film?

If you have a camera and a computer, you can film on the camera and edit the film using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. You can also use your phone or iPad. There are many apps that you can use to edit your film. I find the iMovie app for the iPad to be quite good for making short films.

Are you saying I can't put "Blinding Light" by The Weeknd in my movie? Or any popular song?

Absolutely not. Unless you know him personally and he gave you permission. We will be showing these films to the world on a live Youtube stream for the festival and we cannot violate copyright rules. If you submit a film with any copyrighted music, your film will be disqualified. Sorry.

So, what music can I put in my film?

There are lots and lots of royalty-free music out there. Royalty-free means that you do not need to pay the copyright holder any fees or royalties. Click here for a list of all the places you can go. One of the biggest places is the Free Music Archive. They have tons of stuff there. Be sure to credit the artist, though, in your credits.

Speaking of credits, do I need to have them?

Yes. Just basic credits so the world knows that the film was written and/or directed by you. List all of the people in your film and the artists of the royalty-free music you used. Take credit for your work of art! Your credits can scroll like an actual movie, or you can just put up a slide with the important information. Choice is yours.

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