Tuesday, May 13, 2014

EGFC Press Release: Elk Grove Film Club to Make Crowd-Sourced Video

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Elk Grove Film Club to Make Crowd-Sourced Video

The new Elk Grove Film Club needs your video footage.  In a kick-off event inaugurating the new organization at Elk Grove High School, the film club will be producing a video containing footage shot by students, staff, parents and community members.

“Any video footage of Elk Grove High School will do,” says sponsor Bruce Janu.  “All that it needs to be is positive, uplifting and interesting.”

Crowd-sourcing is a relatively new technique in which people not associated with the production provide footage and pictures via email and social networks.

“People document their lives on their phones and tablets all the time,” explains Janu.  “And they have some great stuff that will never be used or seen.  Crowd-sourcing allows us to use that footage and celebrate it in a video.”

People who submit footage that ends up in the final video will have their names in the credits.  

“We want as many people involved as possible,” Janu says.  “This is a celebration of Elk Grove High School.”

The club is looking for video that displays interesting aspects of Elk Grove High School:  dances, practices, award ceremonies, athletic events, competitions, prom, graduation.  The footage then will most likely be incorporated into some type of music video.

“The candid shots are the best,” says Janu.  

People who want to submit footage can do so by emailing the footage to egfilmclub@gmail.com.  If the footage is already online, people can also just send the links.
More information can be found at the official website of the Elk Grove Film Club (http://www.eghsfilmclub.org)
Bruce Janu 
Elk Grove High School

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